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The sunniest of the Eastern Caribbean Islands, Antigua is also the largest of the English speaking Leeward Islands, about 14 miles long and 11 miles wide.

With 365 white sand beaches, Antigua claims to have one for every day of the year.

The island is a must-see destination for scuba divers and snorkelers, who come from around the globe to explore the breathtaking, nearly unbroken wall of coral reef that surrounds the island.

Famous for the many sailing races and regattas that are present throughout the year, this allows the visitor an introduction to the world of sailing-both as spectators and participants. Professional sailors come here to be part of some of the most famous racing action in the world that occurs between the months of December to April.

In recent years the windswept side of the island has become a destination in its own right visited by lovers of kite surfing who can enjoy this adrenaline inducing sport in crystal clear and turquoise water.

Once known as the “gateway to the Caribbean” because of its location and natural harbours, Antigua is dotted with reminders of its nautical past- from Nelson’s Dockyard, one of Antigua’s finest physical assets built by Horatio Nelson in the eighteenth century, to the beautifully restored Redcliffe Quay. More than 100 picturesque stone windmills and sugar mills, some now housing bars, shops, restaurants, and homes, serve as a testament to Antigua’s role in the historical 18th century sugar trade.

Fauna in Antigua will leave you breathless: sea birds, crabs, tortoises and donkeys roaming randomly around the island… and there’s a lot more! Thanks to EAG (Environmental Awareness Group) local endangered species are monitored, and projects of repopulation in smaller islands are going very well, in natural reserves where animals and plants live undisturbed.

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