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About us

I’m Cecilia, a – gentle – force of nature!

I’m creating a space who wants to be an actual home for guests, a lovely place not just for the unbelievably marvelous spot we’re in, but also for the familiar feeling you have when you’re here. A safe space where you can rest far from the rat race… with someone friendly waiting for you at home!

Cecilia is an illustrator, a graphic designer and proud cheese & charcuterie maker. Into healthy food (can’t stop fermenting!!) and green living, Cecilia is a permaculture designer, believing strongly that it is time to stop talking and start acting about how we deal with climate change… please ask if you’re interested. Their religion is music, the only thing they approach without logic… for the rest they’re pragmatic, reserved and honest. A colourfully see-through head, enthusiast, very creative and resilient, full of energies, always laughing at absurdities in life. Cecilia will be available when needed and quietly around the rest of the time.

Cecilia decided in 2012 to dedicate its time to wellbeing with consciousness: producing their food&basic supplies, wildly recycling, creating art, permaculture practicing, supporting with our income other small business and virtuous ones, cooking cooking cooking…

At Blue Bay Antigua they adopt sustainable practices to reduce the impact on our planet. Supporting Blue Bay Antigua, you support a more fair way of making tourism, respectful of local community and environment.

We enjoy diversity, honesty, humilty and respect.

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