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About us

Cecilia and Michele, friendly hosts who found their place in the beautiful and colorful Antigua, at your disposal with tips and suggestions to customize your stay on this beautiful island and make it unique.

We’re creating a place who wants to be an actual home for our guests, a lovely place not just for the unbelievably marvelous spot we’re in, but also for the familiar feeling you have when you’re here. It’s easy to do it when you cook like a proper italian granma 😉

Both, Cecilia and Michele, are into permaculture design; Cecilia is an illustrator, a graphic designer and proud cheese maker.

Making charcuterie is a passion in common with Michele, who’s into regenerative gardening and IT.

We decided a few years ago to dedicate our life to wellbeing with consciousness: enjoying ourselves hosting people, producing our food&basic supplies, wildly recycling, creating art, permaculture practicing, cooking cooking cooking…

At Blue Bay Antigua we adopt sustainable practices to reduce the impact on our planet.

We enjoy diversity, honesty and respect.


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