Health retreat Blue Bay Antigua

Taking care of your diet during vacation can be a challenge: choose a Health retreat.

At Blue Bay Antigua eco hotel B&B we face it for you. Cecilia and Michele will organize with you your antiguan dining experience. With care, using the best local and seasonal ingredients available.

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Cecilia and Michele are experienced with food allergies. Diets such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and paleo are welcome.

What is more important, Blue Bay is a small Eco Hotel – Bed and breakfast. Guests can choose to settle everything before or talk about it in the verandah overlooking of the sea.

A Health Retreat means relax in all its forms. Professional massage therapist Sharon, will be at your disposal. Directly at Blue Bay for a special massage in your room or near the pool.

Blue Bay Antigua provides free yoga mats. The place is a natural environment to practice meditation and yoga. Many spots can be found in the lush garden where you can relax. Guests can contemplate the ever changing shades of blue and turquoise of the bay from many angles.

Yoga retreats will soon be planned. With the collaboration of yoga teachers Greta Perotti – Spazio Interiore and James Stuart Wigley – Yogic Yogis.

Blue Bay Antigua is a Eco Hotel, greatly caring about sustainability. Life on an island depends a lot on imported products. This fact represent a challenge. Guests are welcome to ask about everyday efforts, ideas and recycling methods. Meat, pork and poultry is provided by Hall Valley Farm, free range. This choice is part of Blue Bay Antigua’s commitment to a better management of the land.

Fruits, vegetables, spices and exotic tastes to discover around the island. Food lovers and will be amazed.

A vegetarian can live all year long with fresh products from the land, like rastafari do. Their traditional diet, Ital, is vegetarian. The black antiguan pineapple is nice and sweet. Various types of mangos pending from huge trees all over the streets. Stunning banana flowers with their basket full of gems. Green papayas, “pawpaw” as locals call it, can be cut thinly and added to salad. Ripen ones are nice with a hint of local lime or sour oranges.

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