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Solo Travelers

Blue Bay Antigua naturally attract solo travelers: it must be because of the nature of the place, which is so safe, always open and welcoming.


Cecilia and Michele loves solo traveling. The attitude to discover you develop by being always involved in the situation. The meaningful relationships that you create.

Antigua and Barbuda is a perfect place for solo travelers. Locals are friendly, crime is at its lowest. No problems, you can travel solo at night here.

The familiar feeling you get at Blue Bay Antigua is part of the reasons why we get so many solo travelers.


Cecilia and Michele take pride in being one of the good memories of guests, and so they are for them. We share thoughts, experiences, wishes for the future. Blue Bay Antigua is a perfect place for ones seeking peace and silence.

Good news: a lot of solo travelers at Blue Bay Antigua is female!


Solo travelers at Blue Bay Antigua usually choose the King Suite, with its comfortable king size bed. The Classic room, with two queen size beds, is a bit smaller (but still big for one person), it is a cheaper choice.

Contact us for getting your offer. Please specify the “solo traveler”, “travel solo” or “solo traveling” offer.


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