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Language: English.

Visas & Tourists Permits: be sure that you possess a valid Visa or ask for a Tourist Permit, please check the Department of Immigration website

Weather: There’s no better feeling that being in a climate like this, particularly in spots soothed by trade winds like our hill. Summer all year long with some random tropical rain that lasts 5 minutes: you’ll love Antigua. Temperatures rarely falling below 25°C or exceeding 30°C

Currency: the official currency is Eastern Caribbean Dollars (XCD) 1 USD = 2.67 XCD. You can pay anyway in USD around the island and receive change in XCD; be sure to change large USD denomination notes in medium/big shops cause the smaller ones can be out of change.

Credit Card/ATM: You can withdraw at the airport, in the Capital city Saint Johns, at Jolly Harbour and English Harbour. At the Epicurean Supermarket or nearby at the ACB Bank. American Express is rarely accepted around the island.

Adaptor: the power sockets in Antigua are the type A and B, as used in US, the standard voltage is 110 V. We can lend you and an adaptor if needed.

How to move in Antigua: renting a Jeep is the best way to get the most out of the island, as most of the roads are rural and dismal. The positive side is that you can’t drive too fast, so for those who are going to experience left-side driving it’s going to be easy, funnier than what you think. The public transport is made of colorful buses owned and decorated by their driver, that departs when the bus is full; taxies are easy to find if you’re in need. If driving is not for you, we organize transfers and daily tours to the main beaches and point of interest, bringing you to some of our secret spots.

When to come to Antigua: it depends on what type of holiday you’re looking for. During the winter in high season, you’ll find everything open and fully working, a milder climate and activities of every kind. During the summer in low season, you’ll find many beaches for you to enjoy alone, nature at its best, and you’ll experience some random tropical rain. For all sailing enthusiasts, from April to May Antigua is the place to be, with many events dedicated, R.O.R.C., Antigua Classic Regatta and Antigua Sailing week. The Antigua’s Carnival takes place from the end of July to the first week of August, a full immersion in Caribbean  culture, music, tastes and colours.

Crimes: there’s basically no crime in Antigua, carefree relax is one of Antigua’s peculiarity.

Health Service: good, on the island there’s a hospital and a Private Clinic. We do recommend however to get a fully covered insurance for your stay.

Water: precious in Antigua, not suggested to drink it from the tap around the island without a feedback from the owner of the place. At Blue Bay Antigua we filter and collect rain water, kept in a see-through tank. Cecilia & Michele drink it everyday without any problem.

Transfers for other islands: for ferries and charters for others islands, be sure to check by phone with them the day before, particular weather conditions may change routes plans.

Food: After a huge breakfast, it will be difficult to eat something for lunch, but still on most of the island you’ll find local restaurants and shacks serving a mix of African, English, American style food. Of many other nationalities are the restaurants you can find in St Johns, English Harbour and around the island. During the weekends, along the road you can find locals selling their own delicacies, from fried and steamed fish, fungi, goat water and what the season brings.

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