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Why choose Blue Bay Antigua

  • Because Blue Bay Antigua – Bed and Breakfast is a real place, uniquely charming and full of character!

Taken care of with love, like a proper family runt business. You’ll feel home and relax, like a true vacation should be, you can rely on Cecilia’s assistance to make the best out of your stay… and her four fluffy cats love to be cuddled!

Far from tourist traps or madding crowds, Blue Bay Antigua is an authentic get away for taking a restoring break in a Caribbean paradise.

Taste simple exquisiteness of life like reading books for hours. Give up tension and stress by contemplating the ever-changing shades of turquoise of the wild bay that surrounds us.
Enjoy the familiar atmosphere, sipping a wild wine made with local tropical fruits.
We cherish honesty, diversity and respect.

  • Because we’re constantly improving: believing in what we do gives us the enthusiasm to keep on providing a good service.

An evolving list of services available will make your stay easier, such as massages, flexible transfers, free shower products and basics for the beach, book sharing, homemade snacks and marmalades. Full time disponibility for great tips for living Antigua and Barbuda and more! Blue Bay Antigua recently switched from simple Bed and Breakfast to Eco B&B, Cecilia will be happy to talk about their effort for being more sustainable.

  • Because our homemade food is going to be one of the highlights of your vacation

Cecilia cook Italian classics and curiosity inspired by their experiences around the world as chefs in sustainable farm.
We’re creative minds keen to experiment. You can either try out our culinary skills with seasonal and local produces or join our everyday’s trials to get the best out of tropical ingredients.
We’re always baking, fermenting and crafting. Open kitchen, open heart!

  • Because Blue Bay Antigua is more than a Bed and Breakfast. This elegant caribbean getaway gives you full use of the kitchen and its tools.

If you don’t feel like cooking choose delicacies from our menu and we’ll make it happen.
This beautiful villa, with high wooden ceilings and original wooden parquet and fine furniture, is both comfortable and enchanting.

  • Because at Blue Bay Antigua Eco B&B we develop and apply sustainable solutions.

For years we’ve been traveling and working in sustainable farms. We’re now ready to share with our guests our practices and recipes.
Lower the impact our business has on our planet, by doing so be an example for other small businesses like ours.
Starting from selecting with care food to recycling waste, manage our resources in a better way and more. Taking those small steps can enhance our quality of life and start building a better future.

  • Because of the flexibility: early breakfasts, night transfers, early or late check-in/check-out when possible, food diets and vegetarian-vegan options, animals allowed (under a certain size)…

Everything can be arranged with Cecilia. They specifically wanted a small place to be able to fulfill guest’s requests.
We hosted private birthday party and take reservation for the whole Villa for families or groups of friends, offering our service as private chefs.

  • Because at Blue Bay Antigua you feel like the world has stopped for a moment. Unspoiled nature brings peace in the heart and inspiration to creative minds.

Nature lovers will be delighted by the quantity of birds there is at Blue Bay Antigua EcoB&B. Sugar birds, frigate bird, pelicans and tiny humming birds darting through flowers searching for nectar. On the top of an evergreen hill, on a wild peninsula overlooking little islands where the tropical nature reigns alone.
We want to be the best Eco B&B in Antigua and Barbuda, and in the long run to be the best possible example for small tourism businesses through the caribbean islands.

  • Because Blue Bay is the romantic spot, it is one of those places that fills your eyes in a way difficult to get in picture… they all seems fake!

A couples’s favorite, this secret escape has two Suites. The King Suite with king size bed, sea view and pool view. The Royal Suite with wide bathroom and double queen bed. Both with private entrance and dedicated space in the verandah overlooking the sea. “If only tonight we could sleep in a bed made of flowers…”

  • Because it is spacious, perfect for groups.

Royal Suite and the Classic Room have two queen beds each, walking wardrobes and private bathrooms, suitable for 3/4 people. A gas barbecue is available in the verandah… welcome to your new home in the Caribbean!

  • Because of its position: the east coast is the most unexplored of the island. Authentic spots and intact wild nature that will delight you.

The cute little village of Seatons faces Antigua & Barbuda’s largest marine reserve, the North East Marine Management Area (NEMMA), that can be visited by boat.
Two of the best nature excursions of the island are in Seatons: Stingray City and Paddle Antigua.
Blue Bay Antigua is in a strategic position for kite surf lovers: the most famous Antiguan Kite Surfer School 40 Knots can pick you up at a dock nearby (less then 10 min driving), bringing you by boat at Green Island, a Kite surfing paradise. Check out our offers.

  • Because Blue Bay has the best guests! We luckily attract interesting and easy going people.

In our shared spaces you’ll have the occasion to meet other interesting travelers. The cozy atmosphere invites you to share thoughts and experiences. Blue Bay Antigua has been defined as quirky, that is what it is. An intimate special space, far from crowds, where silence brakes with good music and laughs. Just three rooms available, to fully enjoy your privacy.

  • Because at Blue Bay Antigua we care about your memories.

Blue Bay Antigua is an Eco B&B where sustainable practices are applied in a dry/ tropical climate. Inspired by Permaculture we design outside and inside spaces and land. Community and taking care of the person are important parts of Permaculture’s principles.

Cecilia will be available to listen to guest’s need. They will be your best allies, making memories out of your vacation. Why not, there is something to learn too.

Contact us directly and specify your needs so we can find what suits you the best, for an unforgettable a holiday in Antigua. Blue Bay Antigua ECO B&B, looking forward to have you here!

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