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veranda bed and breakfast blue bay

Come as a guest, leave as a friend

Like visiting friends in Antigua and Barbuda…


Blue Bay Antigua is the perfect place to stay for all travelers who wish to be independent but at the same time pampered. Cecilia will be there when needed and will discretely be around the rest of the time. 

They cherish respect, honesty and diversity: they’re everyday delighted to welcome new people at home Blue Bay Antigua, hear a different stories, always learn something new, share. 

Positive people, with a hint of irony everything is better, nothing can really go wrong.

Blue Bay Antigua is a bed and breakfast, which traditionally provides a comfortable night’s lodging and a good breakfast in a private home. Guests choose this type of accommodation because they enjoy the personal contact that a bed and breakfast host gives to their guests. Hosting a B&B often brings many new friendships and guest who will return again and again. Cecilia’s kitchen creations are not limited to the menu, and eventually dish inspired by a new ingredient found at the market can become part of the dinner dish that everybody will enjoy in the beautiful verandah, under the stars: It happens quite often that guests decide to share the table, have a drink together, good vibes take in easy.

Blue Bay has recently turned Eco, which means that all our efforts are into trying to use sustainable products, recycle creatively, cut wastes and take good care of the resources that we have.

Our approach is practical, we keep on experiment until we get the result so there’s always something going on, please ask if you’re interested, we love to share points of views.

Blue Bay Antigua is a small family business with big ambitions: hosting is part of a bigger project that includes regenerative gardening, permaculture design, art and much more. Blue Bay Antigua supports a more conscious way of living and approach to hospitality business.

Your feedback is important! We’re not here for becoming rich, we’re here to make the best of everyday and we’re happy to be part of your journey!

Blue Bay Antigua, the Eco Bed & Breakfast is just the beginning…

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