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Just nature around you…

The Ocean spotted with small islands, endless shades of turquoise. Blue Bay B&B’s Eco Hotel History starts from its lucky location, where there’s the slow holiday you’re looking for.

Blue Bay is located on a guard point, romantically called Jasmine hill. It is a secluded place, the best for contemplating nature, far from crowds and its noise.

Just nature’s sounds at night, a sky full of stars and the privacy of an exclusive home-stay with only three rooms. Blue Bay Antigua is situated on a wild peninsula where sea birds and harmless tropical animals live in peace.

Wild donkeys, land and sea turtles, iguanas, colorful lizards. Frigate birds, brown pelicans and also a wide variety of wetland birds like herons and egrets will thrill birdwatching lovers.

The view of the calm ocean spotted with islands, the lush garden. Flowers blooming all year long in bright colors. A secret escape perfect for meditation, yoga retreats, relax and tranquillity in general.

humming bird blue bay antigua eco hotel eco lodge slow vacationBlue Bay Antigua is a safe environment for families and groups, couples and solo travelers looking for an immersion in nature in a welcoming and charming lodge with fair prices. Regenerate yourself with nature and its beauty. Get the slow holiday you deserve.

We’re in front of the Nemma reserve, a marine protected area where wildlife prosperity is monitored by experts, indigenous species and their fragile ecosystem is preserved.

Blue Bay Antigua proudly supports environmental organizations such as Adoptacoastline and EAG (Environmental Awareness Group). We aim to the same goal, raising awareness and promoting sustainable use of natural resources. We really appreciate their efforts to make our beautiful world a better place for the future generations, and for this we highly recommend to visit their website, check on their activities and support them.

Adopt-a-Coastline is a creative lab and a coastline clean-up organization, you can visit them by making a reservation, it’s just 5 minutes walking from Blue Bay Antigua.

Only 10 minutes driving and you’ll reach one of the best beaches on Antigua, Long Bay, and just near there you can find Devil’s Bridge National Park.

Looking for an Eco Hotel in Antigua and Barbuda? Blue Bay B&B, far from madding crowds, the relaxing slow holiday that you need.

Contact us directly and get your offer without extra fees.

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