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Delicious & healthy goes along at Blue Bay Antigua!
Believe it, it’s going to be personal: Blue Bay Antigua is a Bed and Breakfast that offers dinner service for its guests and occasionally for outsiders curious of tasting something different, with a conscious concept. Taking great care in selecting ingredients, preferring what is local and seasonal, from trusty sources. The meat and poultry we serve is local, grass fed as possible and pasture raised. What they want to share is the passion we have for making good tasty food with the challenge of using ingredients that make it as sustainable as possible.
Face it, you can’t wait to try out what’s on our menu, tasty creations by sustainable chefs Cecilia and Michele.
Big Italian classics made in the traditional way, tasty variations of dishes inspired by friends and travels. Cecilia and Michele’s background is in sustainable – farm to table kitchens. They’re flexible and mindful with food allergies, intolerances and diets: no gluten, dairy-free eating, vegetarian, vegan, paleo, low carb diets are welcome at Blue Bay Antigua!

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